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Catnip Update Released
### Added - Catnip Pilot Emotion Engine ### Fixed - Fixed smoke FX drawing on top of UI - Removed some graphics options that aren't needed and broke stuff
2 files — release
Black Friday Not-Sale
For's Black Friday Not-Sale 100% of revenue from Cat Ace will be going to the Trevor Project and the Nature Conservancy !
2 files — EarlyAccess 1.32
EarlyAccess 1.30 Released
### Added - Score multiplier from pickups can now be stacked! ### Fixed - Floating score text not displaying - Text on pickups not displaying
2 files — EarlyAccess 1.30
EarlyAccess 1.28
Added - Cat Ace character at by the singular Steve Forde (go play MewnBase !) - Improved environment graphics: water, clouds, and shadows - Improved graphics f...
2 files — EarlyAccess 1.28
EarlyAccess 1.27 Released
### Fixed - Shake when getting too far from origin fixed
2 files — EarlyAccess 1.27
An aerial combat arcade shooter.
Cat Ace Price Adjustment
I wanted to let everyone know that the price for Cat Ace will be going up to $5.99 with the next update (in about two weeks). With the added content and polish...
EarlyAccess 1.24 Released
Early Access version 1.24 is out! Changed - Barrel roll allows more control during roll Added - Sound and graphics options screen (and remove the default option...
2 files — EarlyAccess 1.24
EarlyAccess 1.17 Released
Fixed - Fixed incorrect wave number displaying in message box Changed - New improved missile lock scan area indicator - Added flight-time music
2 files — EarlyAccess 1.17