EarlyAccess 1.11 Released

### Fixed

- Fixed offscreen hostile indicators sometimes not showing up.
- Cloud popping at some aspect ratios
- UI layout fixes for 21:9 aspect ratio (I had no idea this was a thing)

### Added
- Blackout mechanic for high-g maneuvers.
- Screen shake
- Missile wiggle (added back)
- Some end screen flare
- Pause (mostly) screen (audio isn't pausing yet)
- Better gamepad support
- Help display for controls is dependent on presence (or lack) of a gamepad

## Changed
- End screen stats (now more focused on kills per weapon type)
- Adjusted hit boxes (player has a smaller hit box, and some enemies have larger ones)
- Removed double-tap to barrel roll (now press Q or E on keyboard or gamepad bumpers)


cat-ace-windows-x86.zip 32 MB
Version EarlyAccess 1.11 Apr 11, 2018
cat-ace-osx.zip 35 MB
Version EarlyAccess 1.11 Apr 11, 2018

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